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Basic Pranic Healing

with your pet


Dates: Sat., July 13 & Sun., July 14, 2024
Times: 9 am - 5 pm
Venue: Pebble Hill Church, 320 Edison Furlong Rd., Doylestown, PA 18902

In this fun class, you will learn Pranic Healing, a systematic way to energetically speed healing for people & animals

Pranic Healing helps the body & mind heal faster and easier from virtually any condition. It is easy to learn and anyone can do it. 

Basic Pranic Healing (Level 1) teaches everything you need to heal yourself & others, both in person & remotely.

This class will also prepare you to continue with Advanced Pranic Healing (Level 2) if you want to take your Energy studies further.

You may bring  your pet or come on your own. A pet is not required to take this class.



You will learn to:

* help the body heal faster & easier from simple illnesses;

* reduce pain;

* decrease stress;

* replace stagnant energies with fresh, revitalizing energies;

* scan conditions of the aura and chakras;

* self heal and heal others;

* heal from a distance;

* disconnect from draining people & negative situations;

* keep yourself, your home & office energetically clean;

* see & feel Pranic Energy in nature.



In addition to the full Basic Pranic Healing curriculum, this class includes lots of Pet Time





Gypsy & Maximus

You & your fur baby can sit together

There will be extra time outside on Pebble Hill Church's beautiful grassy grounds

You can practice the techniques on yourself, your fellow students and your pet

You may bring your pet's favorite foods & toys


Festival Dog

You'll receive extra information, including handouts & diagrams, so you can work on your pet at home


Street Frog

Our Pebble Hill Playground 

Pets Love Pranic Healing

Students love this class
Another quote from a Basic Pranic Healing student

I love Pranic healing so much!! We found him hiding under the bed this morning, obviously not feeling well. He hadn’t eaten his snacks from last and he wouldn’t let me take him out, even for snuggles. I did a healing on him and he came out on his own, ate all his snacks and came downstairs for a drink. Still not 100% but much better than he was. The vet thinks he won’t survive another surgery, so these little miracles mean the world to us.

- Barney's Mom, Janice

I do repetitive chakra cleansing and it seems to clear him of congestion. He stays pretty  healthy.

- Joshua's Dad, Gary

I swept her leg where she had the pain. She fell asleep during the healing then when she woke up, she wasn't limping anymore and the pain seemed to be gone.

- Skye's Mom, Swati

I can see the peace on his face, and feel how happy he is, when he gets Pranic Healing. When he's happy, I'm happy!.

- Colby's Mom, Samantha

I really almost lost him. The staph infection was severe and the meds the doctor gave him were not working since infection was resistant to them. The only thing that was helping was the Pranic Healing and that was keeping him alive. Please tell the healers thank you, thank you, thank you from both of us. We are very grateful. 

- Jaxon's Mom, Michele

All of the pets & animals pictured are Pranic Healing "clients"

Your instructor for Basic Pranic Healing

Your Instructor

Alison Sahoo began Pranic Healing in 2013 and is Executive Director of Pranic Healing Bucks County, a 501c3 organization that hosts IRL and online meditation & healing events. Alison has completed all three levels of Pranic Healing certification, including the rigorous Pranic Psychotherapy Certification (CPPT) and is licensed to teach MCKS Basic Pranic Healing. She holds a BS in Physics from McGill University and an MBA from Rutgers.

Basic Pranic Healing

Dates: Sat., July 13 & Sun., July 14, 2024
Times: 9 am - 5 pm
Location: Pebble Hill Church, 320 Edison Furlong Rd., Doylestown, PA 18902
Instructor: Alison Sahoo, CPPT
Includes: Light refreshments
Tuition: $450 (new students), $150 (reviewers)

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